If you want to play Tri Peaks Solitaire online free and without registration, press “Start” button right now! This is the most famous simple and fun card game. While playing you will distract from stress and practice your observation.

Tri Peaks Solitaire layout is formed of 52 cards: 28 are laid out in pyramids with a foundation of 3 cards. The fourth row is open and common for each of the 3 peaks. One card is laid face down. This is the foundation and the main guideline for solving this solitaire. The remaining deck is a reserve.

This is the most convenient type of Tri Peaks Solitaire. As soon as the main open row is removed, all three towers open their cards. The player has more chances to solve the solitaire.


Pyramids in this solitaire are laid out from the foundation to the top. The choice depends only on the face value of the upper foundation card.

Before playing Tri Peaks Solitaire, remember the main condition. Each next card may differ from the previous one by one. The reserve will help you out in a situation when there are no cards among the open cards in the solitaire.

You can undo one move, play the same layout again, or shuffle the deck.

The main goal of Tri Peaks Solitaire is to solve it. But the game has an additional reward with points for the correct outcome of the game with minimal effort.

There is a move counter in the game. The fewer moves you make, the higher amount of points you can score. If you are a perfectionist who wants to achieve excellence in any area, try this more difficult version of the rules. Solve this puzzle with the maximum number of points.