Forty Thieves Solitaire is one of the most difficult card games for one player. Play this free online version if you are ready for a real brain test! The goal is to arrange 2 decks by suit. The sorting conditions are as difficult as possible. Below you can see some helpful tips for playing Forty Thieves Solitaire with a description of the strategy.

Let's start with the advantages of Forty Thieves solitaire:

  • you can play full screen online free and without registration
  • there are "Hint" and "Cancel" buttons
  • 2 levels of difficulty are available


Forty Thieves Solitaire is laid out in 8 piles in ascending order from the aces to the kings. You must collect all the cards on the foundations before the cards from the reserve deck run out.

The reserve is used only if it is impossible to sort within the playing field. In Forty Thieves solitaire, you cannot redeal the played cards. All the cards that could not be used in the layout are covered with new cards and can be returned to the game only after sorting the previous ones.

The playing field consists of 10 sorting columns. From there you can move cards to the foundation piles or to adjacent sorting piles following the certain rules:

- cards are laid out by suit in descending order: for example, if the last one is a 10 of spades, you can put on it only a nine of spades;

- you can move only 1 card at a time.


Let's figure it out. The card game Forty Thieves is much more difficult than most solitaire games. Here are certain restrictions:
  • you can’t alternate colours
  • you can’t move several cards at once
  • you can’t use the reserve multiple times

Taking into account these rules to solve Forty Thieves Solitaire:

  • before the start, study the sequences in the table, find out the best way to remove the cards;
  • avoid adding cards to other tables with useful moves;
  • do not overlap cards of low value, you need to move them to the aces;
  • put the kings on the empty places, you will need them at the end of the game;
  • by the end of the game try to unload the pile of played cards to return the cards to the solitaire;
  • think over every step and analyze the cards.

As you can see, Forty Thieves Solitaire is one of the most difficult solitaire games, which makes it an excellent logic puzzle! To win the game only a successful layout of cards is not enough. You need to use your brain to the maximum! You have to focus, plan your game and be patient, but the final result is worth it. Forty Thieves Solitaire perfectly trains your concentration and the ability to analyze!