Spider Solitaire is a famous one player card game. Enjoy the most popular one-suit version. The rules for laying out the cards are simple, and the process is incredibly addictive. Try to play online right now. Play solitaire full screen as a guest without registration.

The solitaire can be solved according to the standard Spider Solitaire rules. You need to rearrange all the cards of the suit in descending order. The highest card is the king. You put the queen on it and so on up to the ace.

There are 104 cards in the game, 8 of each value. 60 are laid in the reserve deck, and 44 are laid in 10 vertical columns. The first 4 columns are larger. They have 6 cards, and the rest of the columns have 5 cards.


1. There are 8 sequences of cards of the same suit - spades.

2. You can move the card with the mouse, the main condition is that card must be one rank under.

3. If the cards are on the one you want to move from the correct group, you can move them together.

4. If there are no moves left from the open cards to move, you can use the card stock from the deck. Click on it to get a complete row of 10 cells.

5. A group of 13 values (full suit) disappears. An open cell must be filled in order not to lose access to the deck in the stack.