Classic solitaire "La Belle Lucie" (Pretty Lucia) is a game where you need to sort the cards by suit. Often it is not so easy to solve it. There are three shuffles available during the game. It gives you a lot of variants to search for strategic solutions.

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The single deck of 52 cards is dealt out in 18 fans. 16 fans of 3 cards each and 2 more of 2 face up cards.

The goal of the "La Belle Lucie" game is to build up cards to the 4 foundation piles in ascending suit starting with the aces which are moved to the foundation row.

Cards from one fan can be moved to another one by one in descending suit. For example, you can move a ten only to a jack of spades.

If you stuck, you can use the shuffle button, but no more than three times.

La Belle Lucie Solitaire Strategy

Since all cards are open from the start of the game, plan to sort and gradually move cards to the fans.

Pay attention to the cards with a high rating. They block the moving of the cards lying below and can be opened only by shuffling. You cannot move a card to an empty cell for the second time. Free it to move a card to the fan.