Welcome to Yukon Solitaire. Play a free online version of the game with a standard deck of 52 cards. An unusual and difficult test is waiting for you. According to statistics, not every attempt to solve Yukon Solitaire is successful. Enjoy a convenient online game with the ability to cancel the move, which means that your chances to win are growing. Get started now!

Yukon Solitaire is an interesting card game that develops the ability to plan and analyze complex sequences. In Yukon Solitaire, you can cancel a move for free and keep track of the game time.

"Yukon" is similar to "Klondike", but if you are attentive, you will immediately understand what the difference is. The game does not have a stock deck. All cards are immediately dealt out to the playing field and partially revealed. Fortunately, in Yukon Solitaire, you can move any group of cards as long as the colours alternate. For example, a group with a foundation of a red 2 can only be moved to a 4 of a black suit.


Move all cards to the four foundation piles by suit, starting with the aces. On the playing field, you can move any sequence of cards (even not ordered). The only condition for moving is alternating colours in descending order. For example, a 10 of spades (black card) can only accept a 9 of a red suit. You can move the kings to empty cells. In this game, you can cancel your move. There is also a time counter.

Before you start playing Yukon Solitaire, build your strategy. Your task is to expand your possibilities of sorting. Try to free up empty cells to move the kings. Open up face down cards as soon as possible. The more cards there are on the table, the wider the range of available values is.