Carpet Solitaire uses one deck of 52 cards. 20 cards are laid face up in four rows, five cards in each row make a "carpet". Aces are laid out on the "carpet" as they come out of the deck, forming the main row. The corresponding suits are collected in ascending sequence on the aces.


All carpet cards are playable. In other words, they can be moved to the main row when they are suitable for it. If the "carpet" contains twos and subsequent cards of the suits of the aces that are already out of the deck and are in the main row, they are moved to the aces. Their places in the "carpet" are filled with cards from the deck. The suitable cards are put in the main places, and other cards are in a pile for that moment. The top card of the stack, as always, is a game card and can be moved to the main row or the "carpet" at any moment.

Cards from the deck can be dealt out after moving all suitable cards to the main row and filling the empty spaces in the "carpet".

When you fill free spaces in the "carpet", take a card from a pile, but not the next card from the deck. You should not rush to fill the empty places in the "carpet" with the random cards. Try to use only those cards that may be moved to the main row.

The game is played in one round. If there are unassembled cards left after the entire deck has been laid out, they cannot be dealt out again. So the game is over. Solitaire is solved quite often.