If you decide to play the Algerian Patience Solitaire, you can play a game with good quality for free with maximum comfort and without registration. The main thing here is to be persistent. The game is more difficult than the classic Spider solitaire, but it is very addictive!

Algerian Patience and other solitaire games have a common goal. You have to arrange cards in order and suit. In this case, the layout comes from 2 decks of playing cards with 8 basic foundations. You must sort decks in ascending (from the ace to the king) and descending order by suit.


Cards on the playing field can be moved to one of the foundations or an adjacent column according to one of the principles:

- in ascending order of face value: 5 ♦, 6 ♦, 7 ♦, 8 ♦, 9 ♦; 

- in descending order of face value: K ♣, Q ♣, J ♣, 10 ♣, 9 ♣, 8 ♣.

In many solitaire card games, a player may not take into account a suit when moving the cards between columns at the sorting stages. The only requirement is that a card must be one rank above or one rank under. In the game, Algerian Patience Solitaire sorting by suit is always required. Fortunately, you can create both ascending and descending sequences at the same time. 

According to the rules of Algerian Patience, the ranking of cards is continuous, which means that you can move the king after the ace if needed.

The advantage of the online solitaire Algerian Patience is that a player can move one card at a time or move a suit sequence by holding down the SHIFT key. To undo the last move, press the arrow button in the lower right corner.

Unlike "Spider", "Klondike" and other solitaire games, "Algerian Patience" allows filling empty columns of the playing field with any card. You can use 6 draw piles from the bottom of the playing field without restrictions and see the next cards simply by lifting the top one as if you wanted to remove it.

The official name of the solitaire is Algerian Patience symbolizing the complicated Algerian version of the traditional solitaire. The word "patience" appeared due to the literal translation of "Algerian Patience Solitaire", where the meaning of a card game is replaced by one of the morphological synonyms. But the mistake turned out to be suitable. The solitaire "Algerian Patience" is quite difficult. It requires determination and attention, but it brings bright emotions and excitement. Play Algerian Patience Solitaire right now free online without registration and time limits. Enjoy the game!