It’s time to play Golf Solitaire online. The classic version of the game is available free and without registration with the simplest layout. This is the best choice for beginners with simple cards and with no timer. You can always use the Undo button.

According to the rules, you need to clear a playing field consisting of 7 columns symbolizing holes. Each one has 5 cards face up. The rest of the deck is facedown and makes up the foundation, and the top face up card is the discard.


Play solitaire by stacking cards from the table in one pile if a card ranks one higher, or one lower than the topmost card on the waste. For example, if there's a 6 on the waste you can move a 5 or a 7 of any suit there. The card that you moved becomes the new topmost and determines the conditions of moving the cards. If there is no suitable value on the table, click on the foundation deck.


Try to collect sequences in which the maximum number of cards from the table are involved and you can only go one time through the base deck. There are no resets allowed.

For equal values choose: - the longest rows to open access to the following cards; - the most diverse cards so there are more chances to make a successful combination.

If you like to play classic solitaire games: Klondike, Pyramid, then you can certainly add to the list a unique Golf Solitaire. Enjoy the game!