Freecell Solitaire is a combination of "Eight Off Solitaire" and "Forty Thieves" solitaires. The developer is Paul Allfill, who based on them came up with his version of the game. Later, he implemented it in the TUTOR programming language.

To figure out how to play, you must first of all get to know some details. Let's look at them more precisely.


On the top left of the playing field there are spare auxiliary foundations, which are used to move one card to a place to temporarily hold the card and wait for a suitable layout for their further using in the layout. It is possible to move a card of any value and suit to an empty auxiliary foundation.

To the right of the stock on the playing field there are game foundations, on which, according to the goal of the game, you need to move cards of the same suit in ascending order of their value (1 - an ace, 2 - a two, 3 - a three, ..., and the uppermost - a king).

The suits are standard:

  • hearts
  • diamonds
  • spades
  • clubs

There are eight game piles under the foundations. In each of them the cards are face up. You can put a card of the opposite suit and one rank lower on top of the stack of cards. For example, you can put a 4 of clubs or spades on a 5 of hearts. Any card can be put to an empty pile. Only one topmost card can be taken from any pile.

Key recommendations:

  • try to think over two moves ahead
  • move to the auxiliary foundations only those cards that can be used for the next two moves
  • lay out the cards in piles in long descending orders, which then can be easily moved to the game foundations

On our website you can play Freecell Solitaire online free and without registration.