Two full decks of 52 cards are used in the game - 104 cards in total. All cards of the deck are laid out in 10 vertical columns. The main row, the starting cards of which are aces, is on the right above these rows. Below the main row, there is room for eight cards of the so-called "temporary stock".

The goal of the game is to free eight aces during the game and collect the corresponding suits in ascending sequence on them.


The game cards are the bottom face up column cards and the "temporary stock" cards. If among the playing cards of the initial solitaire layout there are aces and subsequent cards, they are moved to the main row. After that, you can start to move cards from column to column to free other aces and cards suitable for moving to the main row.

You can move only one card in descending order and with alternating colors at a time. If among the playing cards of the columns there are cards that interfere with further solving among the playing cards of the columns, they can be taken to the "temporary stock". The "temporary stock" can contain no more than eight cards at a time, one for each location. Cards from the "temporary stock" can be moved to one of the columns or the main row when they are valid.

Any card can be moved to a completely vacated column, both from other columns and from the "temporary stock". Solitaire is played in one round.