The card game Eight Off is a solitaire game that is fun and challenging. The way to solve this solitaire is similar to the Freecell solitaire, and the name implies on the main feature of the game. There are eight spare cells instead of the usual four! Let's start the game!

This is Eight Off Solitaire where you can cancel a move and use the tips how to play. You can play it without registration as a guest. We advise you to use all the advantages of an authorized player. You can change the background, type of cards and completely customize the display of the solitaire in your way.

According to the rules of the game of Eight Off Solitaire, a deck of 52 playing cards is dealt face up in eight piles of six cards. The remaining four are also face up and take up half of the stock cells.

The goal of the game is to sort the deck into foundations, starting with the aces in ascending order of each suit.

On the playing field, you can sort cards alternating them in descending order by suit.

Eight free cells are spare slots that may hold one card each. They also guarantee the moving of a sequence of cards between stacks.

The more cells are free, the longer the sequence of cards can be moved.


Sort the cards by suit, in descending order.

Only the king can be moved on an empty cell.

The aces are first moved to the piles of the foundation (as in the "Klondike" Solitaire), and then in ascending order from the lowermost twos to the kings.

Any cards can be moved to eight cells, from where they can be taken both for moving to the foundation and for playing in the layout.

The game is over when the whole deck is laid out in foundations. We wish you to have a good time in the game!