It's time to play Alaska Solitaire. Playing online is even more fun than usual! Get more excitement in this free game with autoplay, cancelling the move and endless hints. You can play full screen on a tablet, mobile phone or PC right now and always expect to play a good game without ads.

Alaska Solitaire is a perfect game for those who like to play online challenging games. The rules are very simple and there are plenty of chances to win, but the percentage of a successful outcome in a real game is no more than 25%! But those who want to play Alaska Solitaire online significantly increase their chances. Firstly, you can cancel your move. Secondly, you can replay the layout many times. The game runs on a tablet, phone or computer and can cause serious excitement and even addiction. Be careful!


The rules of Alaska Solitaire are very simple. You need to collect all the cards into 4 piles of foundations, starting with the aces. The initial layout of the game is similar to the famous Klondike Solitaire. There are 28 face down cards on seven piles. The rest of the cards are dealt face up.

The cards moving in Alaska Solitaire is similar to the Russian Solitaire. You can move any card with an open value, observing the order of decreasing or increasing suit. In this case, all unordered cards located below are moved as one. Only a king can go to an empty pile or a group of cards led by a king.

Alaska Solitaire Strategy

The most important thing in solving is to open up the face down cards as quickly as possible. Only these cards can be played in the game and can be freely sorted. The game is won after all cards have been dealt out to the foundations from the aces to the kings. Do not rush to quickly fill the foundations, remember about the main priority to get access to all the cards.