Time to play Crescent Solitaire. This free online version of the game has the best playing conditions! You can play full screen, see statistics and receive hints without registration. Solitaire consists of 2 decks, one of them lacks the aces, and the other lacks kings. Placed in the centre, they form the piles. The rest of the cards are laid out around in the shape of a crescent.

The original name of the amazing puzzle is Crescent Solitaire is based on the resemblance of the layout of the deck to the crescent of a new moon.


According to the rules, the goal of the game is to move all cards from the 16 outer piles to the 8 horizontal ones located in the centre.

The top 4 piles start from the kings and must be stacked in descending order (Queens, Jacks, and so on up to a two of each suit). The bottom pile is formed according to the "new moon". You must put two on the aces.

All open cards can be moved to another pile if they differ in order by 1. For example, a 7 of spades can be put on a 6 or an 8 of the same suit.

Crescent Solitaire Strategy

In terms of complexity, Crescent Solitaire can be compared to the 4-Suit Spider Solitaire. You can easily win if you patiently examine possible moves and use some tricks:

  • if you have a choice between 2 identical cards, check the bottom ones. To do this, click on the card and lift it, as if you would like to move it; 
  • try to arrange the piles on the suits evenly to prevent a “dead-end combination” with the blocking of identical cards.

Hints and help

The online version of solitaire has several additional features that you may find useful.

1. The "Moves" block shows the number of possible moves available on the playing field, taking into account the possibility of moving cards to one of the piles or shuffling between piles arranged in a form of a crescent. 

2. You can use a "Hint" button 5 times per game. 

3. The layout can be changed three times with the help of a "Shuffle" button, while all the cards arranged in a crescent are played in random order. Use this help in extreme situations if there aren’t any variants to fill the pile.

You can play one of the most interesting solitaire card games for 2 suits. In addition to a pleasant pastime, it can benefit. Playing solitaire develops logical thinking and visual skills. Have a nice game!