It's time to play Australian Solitaire online for free. This is a classic solitaire card game of Australian origin that combines elements of Klondike Solitaire and Yukon but much more interesting and challenging. See for yourself!

We invite you to play Australian Solitaire without registration. As a guest, you can spy on the next move using "H" button, redeal the same layout and follow the statistics of your moves in the game.

At the beginning of the game, a pile of four face up cards is dealt into each of the seven columns. The remaining cards form the foundation deck and are used in the game without redealing.


Build all 4 suits in the foundations beginning from the aces. The cards are sorted in decreasing suit.

You can move unordered piles. The top card of the sequence must be lower by rank and of the same suit with the one, that accepts it. Only a king can be moved to an empty space with or without a pile of cards.


Solving the Australian Solitaire is more difficult than an ordinary solitaire because you cannot redeal the rest of the deck twice. Often the cards end up in the end pile and it's almost impossible to return them to the solitaire. To win, take as many cards as possible into the game.

You can see the correct moves by clicking on the "Eye" button in the top menu bar. Don’t miss the cards with a low rating. Blocking them slows down filling the foundations. The chance to win the game Australian Solitaire depends more on luck than on your skills. Let's test your fortune today? Enjoy the game!