The most interesting type of Solitaire "Three Cards Klondike Solitaire ". Play free without registration! The goal of the game is to arrange a deck of 52 cards into columns by suits, using active cards.


On the playing field, 28 cards are laid out in seven columns. 1 card in the first one, two cards in the second, and so on in ascending order. The shape of the layout resembles a double folded kerchief. The remaining 24 cards make up the foundation and are used at the player’s request. You need to sort them by suit, starting with the aces in 4 foundations located on the upper right. The sequence is descending: you put a two on the ace and up to the king.

The main difference between Three Cards Klondike Solitaire and the classic solitaire is in a limited number of active cards, which stimulates the analysis of the situation and the search for the most profitable move. Only the top card from the waste can be a game card, it is important to sort it to the foundation or a face up card in the column.

It is allowed to move cards across the playing field, paying attention to the colour change and in the descending order. Only a king can be moved to an empty space. It can be one card or a sequence of cards.

3 Cards Klondike Solitaire Strategy

The method of three cards dealt at one time dictates the layout patterns of sorting. In the classic version of Klondike Solitaire, the number of moves matters. All cards of the additional deck can be used at any time.

You have access to only one card from the triple layout so you have to calculate your moves. If you take the top card from the stack, the rest can be shifted on one. Thus, you can calculate how many cards should be removed to get the desired one with full scrolling.

In the old days this way of solving the Klondike solitaire with three cards called “prophetic” because of the need for serious logical efforts. It was believed that a person who can concentrate efforts on sequencing can distract from vain thoughts, concentrate on the main thing and get the only correct answer to your question. Believe it or not, this is a good way to have a rest! Have a nice game!