Welcome to Solitaire Agnes. Play free one of the most addicting variations of the Klondike card game. The rules of the layout are in many ways similar and the goal is to collect all the cards by suit into 4 piles of foundation to clear the playing field.

You can easily learn to play Agnes Solitaire if you've played Klondike Solitaire before, there are many similar features here.

Solitaire is played with 52 cards of a standard playing deck. The first 28 cards are dealt like in Klondike. The next card is placed on the first of the four foundations and sets the value of the base cards for that game. All other cards of the same value must be placed on the remaining three bases. The game stockpile is 7 cards. They are dealt at the bottom line of the playing field and are available at any time.


  • the foundations are collected by colour; 
  • piles of cards on the table are lined up with alternating colours in descending order; 
  • if there are no options for moving and sorting on the playing field, you can continue the game with the reserve cards; 
  • an important peculiarity of the game Agnes - the stockpile is dealt 7 cards each, if the game cannot be continued, you can use a new set; 
  • any card or even a sequence that is not of the same suit can take a space on the playing field - this feature of Agnes Solitaire makes the layout especially interesting!

There are two versions of Agnes Solitaire. The one described above is called Agnes Bernau. Another version of the solitaire "Agnes 2", the alternative name is "Agnes Sorel". It does not specify the value for the foundation, and the sorting on the playing field does not allow alternating colours.